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Hurricane Irene

Help us help our neighbors in Vermont! Damage to Vermont by Hurricane Irene is unprecedented. Two days after the storm hit, record flood levels have wiped out bridges, roads, and buildings, leaving more than three dozen towns completely inaccessible and thousands stranded without power and basic resources. It's difficult to describe the extent of the damage, and the amount of time, money, and resources it will take to rebuild some of the most beautiful and historically significant towns in Vermont. Our hometown of Castleton, Vermont, where much of our slate is sourced from, has suffered severe flooding that has brought day to day life to a halt, including the closing of the town's college where flooding has damaged the recently completed athletic center.

Through September 12, 10% of all our sales will benefit the Vermont Irene Flood Relief Fund, which is distributing 100% of all donations to Vermont businesses and families. Please consider making a contribution by visiting their Facebook page here.


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