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Cheese Knife Essentials

Looking sharp.

Our new trio of cheese knives are crafted from carbon steel and reclaimed black walnut.
Each blade is hammered by hand and completely unique in finish.

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A knife for every cheese.

No two cheeses are the same, and the knives used to cut them shouldn’t be either.
Each knife is designed to cut or spear a specific type of wheel, wedge, or log for the perfect bite.


For cutting hard cheeses.


For spearing and breaking apart chunks of cheese.


For cutting and spreading soft cheese.

Built to last.

Our blades are laser cut from reclaimed carbon steel, then forged in small batches and hammered by hand to sharpen the blade edges. The blades are then set into hand-turned black walnut handles and secured with brass pegs, ensuring the blade will never bend or break away from the handle.

Portable and party ready.

Our knives are bundled in a natural canvas knife roll with a leather tie for easy storage and transport. The set also includes a handy pocket-sized cheat sheet with tips on tasting and serving cheese.

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