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Plate the Slate No. 7

Van Brunt Shop

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Earlier this summer, Brooklyn photographer Valery Rizzo paid us a visit to photograph our new shop and studio in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. Like all of Red Hook, the storefront took a severe beating last October when Hurricane Sandy swept through New York. Flood waters tore through the basement and submerged the ground floor up to two feet, knocking out the boiler and all construction that was in progress.

We began repairs and reconstruction in late 2012, and opened our doors on National Grilled Cheese Day this past April. Few signs of Sandy’s wrath on the shop remain today, and we’re pleased to make our home on Van Brunt Street.

The shop (brick facade with blue-gray trim) the morning after Hurricane Sandy. The storm’s winds and flood waters felled the willow tree at right.

Shop construction recommences with the build out of a banquette under the front windows; eyeing a cut for what will eventually become an oversized farm table; painting the shop interior; putting the finishing touches on the shop facade.

The shop opens on National Grilled Cheese Day, almost six months after Hurricane Sandy. A couple eating grilled cheese; more than 300 sandwiches are served over the course of the day; a customer enjoys a drink in the shop (photographs by Virginia Rollison)

The shop is the culmination of more than a year of designing, planning, and building. Resident labrador retriever Garp lounges; wood cheese knives and other goods.

Air plants and succulents hang from the exposed brick wall; custom built shelving and shallow walnut counter.

Glass paneling for shelving was sourced from existing structures in upstate New York; quarrymen hard at work.

The flood line (photograph by Virginia Rollison).