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Cheese Knife Essentials Set
Cheese Knife Essentials Set

Cheese Knife Essentials Set


Our trio of cheese knives offers the fundamental blades needed to cut hard, semi-soft, and soft cheeses. Set features hand hammered carbon steel blades and handles hand-turned from reclaimed cherry wood. The exposed blade tang is set into the handles with two brass pegs, ensuring the blade will never bend or break away. Each set is bundled in a natural canvas knife roll with a leather tie for easy storage and transport. Set also includes a handy cheat sheet with notes on tasting, serving, and storing cheese. This item is available for preorder and ships Thursday, November 10.


Carbon steel blades

Cherry wood handles sealed with a professional grade varnish

Knives measure approx. 5.5" - 6" in length

Knife roll measures approx. 9" x 11"

Manufactured in Pennsylvania


Hand wash with warm, soapy water

Oil handles regularly with mineral oil to maintain the luster and integrity of the wood

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